Highest Prices Paid for Aircraft Scrap Parts in Miami Florida for Over 50 Years

Since our establishment in 1959, Federal Metals Co. Inc. (FMC) has been recycling high temperature alloys for the aerospace industry.
Federal Metals provides a pick-up service for all types of Aircraft parts that are deemed for scrap. Our scrap process consist of providing metal storage containers to be kept at your facility until ready for pickup. Or you can deliver your aircraft scrap parts to our scrap facilities in Miami Florida.
  • Scrapping Process
  • Mutilation of Aircraft Parts
Once the scrap aircraft parts are at Federal Metal's facility your parts are segregated by the metal type, weighed and processed according to destruction guidelines of aircraft parts. A certificate of destruction letter and pictures of the mutiliation process are then provided for your records.
At Federal Metals, aircraft scrap parts become unusable for their original usage once the mutiliation process has been completed.
Mutilation is accomplished by and is not limited to one or more of the following procedures:
  • Grinding
  • Burning
  • Removal of a major integral feature
  • Permanent distortion of parts
  • Cutting a significant size hole with a cutting torch or saw
  • Melting
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